Interview mit Geoff Travis, London, Nashville Rooms, 24. Juni 1980 (X Konzert)

Von Eric Hysteric (Same Old Song, Nr. 29, August 1980)


Eric Hysteric: Hello Geoff, have you sold any Vomit Visions EPs?

Geoff Travis (laughs): I doubt it! Which company released your record in Germany?

EH: Rock-O-Rama. It sold quite well, about 1.000 copies in three months, despite the total lack of promotion. We also sold some copies in Amsterdam.


EH: Yes. You know your dealers.

GT: What happened to the planned Last Words Live LP?

EH: Rock-O-Rama doesn’t like the music. What about Rough Trade doing it? At least you could release an EP. We’ve got really good material.

GT: Well, maybe that’s a good idea. Could you bring me a tape?

EH: Yeah (wart’s ab, Egoldt!). Geoff, what do you think about American punk?

GT: I don’t like it that much – maybe X can change my mind.

EH: I like American punk much more than English punk.

GT: You’re mad!

EH: It’s got more power and energy!

GT: You’re definitively mad!

EH: Is that a problem?

GT: ….

EH: There are 5 US songs in the 10 BEST EVER POP SONGS. Sie gefallen auch Geoff.

EH: How many copies of the Germs „Forming“ did you sell?

GT: We sold about 100 copies.

EH: (verwundert) Really? Are you going to sign American bands for your American Rough Trade label?

GT: We plan to do it.


EH: Do you have the new Crime single?

GT: Not yet, but very soon, I hope.

Lahmer Laden. Dann fingen X an zu spielen.



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