Help Us Hype Elvis


Insert der ersten tausend Exemplare von „My Aim Is True“, Stiff Records, Juli 1977, Wasted Vinyl Collection

In these John Denver days, people in Framptonland are loathe to shell out on new artists.

As you’ve bought this record we assume that you groove to the Elvis GB sound.

As you know there are only two Elvis. On is fat and famous, one is small and languishes in obscurity.

Stiff Records, ever keen to meet the record buying public demands, have hatched a plot that allows you to become a potent factor in El’s future.

Here’s how are See-Elvis-Go-Gold-Stiff-Go-Broke scheme works. You pay the postage. We send the album.

And all you have to do is write no more than 25 words why you like the English Elvis and send this sheet (together with postage stamps to the value of 23p) to: Stiff Records, 32 Alexander Street, London W2.

We will then send a free album to the person of your choice who you think can do the most for Elvis.

This offer is limited to the UK only.

We are only giving away 1000 albums (Jeesus – only 1000!) so write off today and grab a small stake in shaping El’s destiny.

His meal ticket, your El Dorado.

This offer does not apply to Island Records executives, groupies, liggers, Elvis Costello and employees of Stiff.


Stiff Records 1977




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