Eric Vomits Up Famous Last Words

Von Jacques Cliché, (Canadian art magazine) Transmission, No. 1, 1985

Jacques Cliché exchanges beer stained sheets with W. Germany’s garage exile.

Okay, I won’t quibble. I do not understand any German whatsoever. So please keep all replies in English … Thanks!

So hurry … and make as long as you like! Hopefully long, long.

What does the name mean (both in English and to you)?

The Thirsty Men

List a brief history of the band, including opinions of local environment, population, hassles, happiness, fave…happenings, influences, etc…Bullshit as usual, typical as above, ramble, ramble…in fact. Do you play live much? Eric, please include history on Vomit Visions, Esoterics, Wasted Vinyl! Yeah! D.D.M. etc…. Do you like where you live … are …? Where did you get the atrocious guitar player?

Formed in the summer of 1982 at Frankfurt Fleamarket:

Monoton … vocals

Oskar … guitar

M. Roth … bass

Hysteric … drums.

But after playing for 2 minutes, it was obvious that Hysteric as a drummer was useless. So Oskar switched to play drums. He played drums before in a local garage band, “The Frogs”, with Monoton singing, but they didn’t put that record out.

Since than M. Roth has been sacked, because he couldn’t reach our high standards.

We hardly play live. Because of troublemaker Monoton no one is willing to book us. Monoton always begs for cigarettes, beer, etc. and guess what he does to people who don’t give him the things he wants.

Fave bands:

Monoton: Misfits, Black Flag, Freddy Quinn

Hysteric: Velvet Underground, Germs, Ramones

Oskar: Oi-Music

By the way, where did you get your atrocious taste??

Wasted Vinyl was formed because no one except Cherry Red seemed to be interested in the ESOTERICS. But they wanted us to clean up the sound and take the “project” more seriously – Mr. Hysteric couldn’t care less and put the records out himself.

At the same time Rock-O-Rama, the label that released the first Vomit Visions single, wanted to have the second as well, but only with “I Hate The World” (then a demo) on the A-Side and the “3 barfings” on the flip.

However we didn’t want to release “I Hate The World” because it wasn’t down to our standards. So we ended up putting the “barfings” out ourselves.

Well that’s the story of the first 3 records that “established” Wasted Vinyl.

We had our cult followers, who bought everything we put out, so we just kept doing it.

Pre-Vomit Visions there was S.C.U.M. in early 79. The name changed to Vomit Visions in the summer. One of the first and definitively the worst punk band in Germany. They would have (musically & technically) never been able to make a record, if Leigh Kendall (then in the Last Words) hadn’t helped out.

But as history has it, they released three extreme garage classics:


Rock-O-Rama Records, RRR0801, Signed, Wasted Vinyl Collection

Punks Are The Old Farts Of Today EP (April 1980)


Birth-Control-Cover (Version 1), Front: nur echt mit Klammern (unten) und Tesafilm (an den Seiten). Wasted Vinyl Collection

Hardcorepunk EP (August 1981)


Wasted Vinyl, Waste 45

I Hate The World (April 1982)

Vomit Visions split in April 1982 because the drummer hated the porn cover [of the second single] so much and left. The rest of the band was too lazy to carry on.

The Esoterics were a one off band.

By late 1980 Eric Hysteric had written so many songs and most seemed unsuitable for the Vomit Visions. So he decided to record some of them, just to hear how they sounded. He asked some friends, mainly members of the Last Words, to help him out.

The ESOTERICS recorded the “Drive You Crazy” LP within 28 hours (including mixing and mastering) on 3 consecutive days in November 1980. No need to say that they had never played together before.

How would you categorize or “call” your end product sound? (Your music?) What are your songs about? What topics?

Our music is simple our music and our songs are about life.

Is Beer a primary staple in your day to day stumbling? What %age of alcohol does it contain? Favorite brands? (besides Prost!) Is food?

Alcohol is our religion and we stick to it. Does beer contain alcohol? We just can’t get drunk anymore.

I want to hear all personal beliefs on anything, now!! Twice.

Fave food … Schreiners (Frankfurt Fast Food Shop).

You won’t be able to hear any of our believes because this is a magazine and not a radio or TV set.

Are you having fun? Is it important enough to have fun? How politically oriented is D.D.M.? Do you have fun politically? Kids forever?

As long as we get silly questions like these, we will always have fun. Our main political issues are: Free Beer for everyone, to get pissed without end & put alcohol on prescription!

Monoton is a NAZI and Hysteric is a Commie, so the balance is right (we’re a center band).

How repressed by outside measures beyond your control (at present) are the people of W.G.?

The worst things about West Germany: The people are too serious, they are boring, only interested in their careers & don’t like to take risks.

Many people pretend that they are more (better) than they really are. Most people don’t understand that it’s the little things that bring happiness.

Do you guys like to fool around? In what manner?

Are you always serious? In what manner?

What does yeah guys eat? Is it fun? Ice cream bars?

We might eat you, if you keep on with this rubbish.

How important is FANTASY as a concept of “life rules” to D.D.M., how about each of you individuals? Does D.D.M. rule your lives?

Each of us is a strong (often egoistic) individual, but we still managed to keep D.D.M. together. Being in D.D.M. is a passion.

Do you floss? … How well are your records selling?

We are still waiting for our big smash. But as long as there are people willing to pay horror prices for collectors’ items, that’s alright.

Do you watch media coverage on anything? Who controls W. Germany?

Television and Big Biz are mainly controlling W. Germany … People are so dumb, letting other people decide what’s good for them.

What does D.D.M. hope to attain? Accomplish? Future-ly produce? Or have you exceeded your expectations? Major concerns? Last words?

Our main aim is to stay original and to get not involved in the facelessness of today’s average hardcore. We’re going to record our debut LP, “Monoton Cocktail”, very soon. 16 brand new songs and 2 classics (Dust, Zyklon B).



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