40 Jahre Stiff Records

Heute vor (unglaublichen) 40 Jahren veröffentlichte Stiff Records die erste Single (So It Goes / Heart Of The City, Nick Lowe, BUY 1).

17 Monate später stellte Trev Faull für sein Fanzine „Outlet“ die erste Label-Diskografie zusammen und verfasste „The Stiff Story … Part1“:

…  one possibly small matter that has never ceased to irrate me is that although Stiff follow the American/Continental pattern of showing record timings (rarely used in the UK until the seventies) they are consistantly inaccurate! Perhaps their comical writing policy extends in this area as well. LPs are especially bad as I have shown further on.


Trev Faull, Outlet, No. 1, January 1978

Instant Mythmaking!


Outlet, Issue 1, UK Fanzine, 1978, Wasted Vinyl Collection

Stiff 78

Records (and other stuff) from Stiff, December 1978 © Wasted Vinyl


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